Orders Terms and Conditions

I accept the terms and conditions of ordering:

Specified Lengths

For specified lengths, add 20% to prices except itemized casings.

Due to the extra labor and waste in material to select a uniform color order, an additional 20% will be assessed to the lineal foot price whenever this service is requested.

All moulding prices are based on kiln-dried poplar wood.

Quotations on other woods, i.e. mahogany, oak, cherry, walnut, etc. are available upon request.

All orders shipped in random lengths (6โ€™ to 16โ€™ feet), unassembled, average being approximately 12โ€™ feet. Shorter lengths are usually applicable to UPS orders and ceiling cornices usually longer.

Furring strips not included in assembly prices.

Casings can be shipped in specified lengths without additional charges, provided headers and legs are itemized at the time of the order.
We do not provide specified lengths on any other mouldings without a 20 percent specified length charge.

Please advise if painting or staining.


Normal bundles average 60 pounds in weight and are up to 16 feet long. All mouldings are shipped unassembled. Shipping for stock moulding takes approximately one to two weeks from our plant in Florence, S.C. Shipping time for special items is noted when quoted. All orders are shipped common carrier (truck) and arranged by Driwood, unless the order is small in size and may be able to ship by parcel delivery. All freight charges are based on weight and shipped freight collect.


Read our warranty.

If you would like to review frequent questions and answers related to ordering, shipping, returns and samples, visit our FAQ page.