Our mouldings are stocked in poplar, suitable for staining or painting and applicable to your specific request.  They can also be manufactured to order on a quotation basis in walnut, maple, oak, cherry, mahogany or any other wood which suits your specific job requirements.

Affordably Priced

Unlike hand-carved mouldings, which are prohibitive in price, Driwood Period Mouldings are affordably priced and available for use in the average home. Their beauty and adaptability allow them to create elaborate decorative effects in public or commercial buildings such as theaters and hotels.

Driwood Period Mouldings may be used individually or in combination to create dramatic effects on mantels, door heads, ceiling panels, pilasters, wall panels, cornices, chair rails, bases, etc. There are limitless ways you can use Driwood Mouldings to recreate the aura of a specific period or design an exquisite look of your own.